Thursday, May 08, 2008

I've been having computer trouble at home. The wifi doesn't seem to want to work with my laptop -- something about not being to apply the profile and perhaps a DCHP server error. It's all confusing and annoying, but hopefully one of Trip's co-workers will take a look at it tomorrow and help us out.

So...yeah, I continue to be a blog slacker. But I have been better about Facebook scrabble. Take that!

I'm going to an interesting event during June. There is a young adults discernment event at Gettysburg Seminary. I have thought off and on over the past ten years of doing some kind of public ministry (becoming a deaconess or youth and family ministry), but the timing has always seemed to be weird. Now the timing right now would be terrible -- Trip and I have plans for the future and me going back to school is not really on the agenda -- but I feel like this event has happened at the right time and I need to look into discernment seriously. I had lunch with Pastor Lisa last Friday and she told me about her call story, which basically boiled down to she was doing something that she was good at, but that didn't make it her calling. And I think it makes a lot of sense. I am a good librarian, but that doesn't mean that I am called to do it. So this event in June will be pretty interesting for that very reason. Plus it's only $25 and includes meals for Friday night, all day Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Awesome!

I am off tomorrow, which looks like it will continue to be gloomy and rainy. So it'll be a good day to run errands. I get to get my car's emissions checked, a Costco run, and call Kaiser about reimbursement. Through in making pizza for dinner and a run (if it doesn't rain!) and I've got a pretty busy day going!

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