Monday, April 21, 2008

Wow! A month between postings. I am a blog slacker.

My excuse is mostly that I was away from work for a week at the Public Library Association Conference in the Twin Cities and then I spent a week visiting family in MN and WI. But really, that only accounts for a few weeks. I guess the last weeks have been busy at work and whatnot. I'll pretend they have been!

Lately there has been a lot of planning for wedding travel. I'm in Jenny's wedding this fall. Trip will not be attending the shindig in Boston -- two of his college friends are getting married the same day in Hanover, PA. So we're splitting up to celebrate the nuptials of college buddies. But we've got four weddings planned so far -- Jenny's and Kate and Jason's wedding in September, church friends in July, and the latest one, Amy and Ana's in New Mexico in October. I wasn't anticipating going to New Mexico, but Trip has determined that the only major price difference is with the flight -- and since Southwest flies there, it looks like we could travel fairly inexpensively. So! I get to cross New Mexico and Texas off of my list of states to visit!

Today I tried some of the Pike's Place Coffee at Starbucks. I thought it was supposed to be smoother or lighter or something than their normal dark brew. But yikes, was it acidic! My stomach feels all weird now and I didn't even finish the cup! Not recommended.

I also started reading a book today -- The Fiction Class. It's about a woman who teaches a fiction writing class and is having difficulties with her mother. I am quite enjoying the chapters about her class. She is making me wish that I could take the time to write on a regular basis -- the real solution to becoming a writer. But I think I might look into a class next year. I think having assignments and whatnot might be a good prod to get started.

But lately I've decided to become more crafty -- partially for wedding gifts, but also for something to distract me from work. Work has become more routine and it's difficult to do new stuff with the smaller staff. So I have decided that I need to have outside interests -- other than new TV shows! -- to keep me busy. With four weddings coming up, I definitely have a lot of opportunities to be crafty! I like crocheting people afghans as presents -- they have been a hit the three times that I gave them as gifts. And I have a really neat pattern for Kate and Jason -- it's solid colored granny squares arranged to form the colors on the television test pattern screen. It's pretty cool looking and the fact that the granny squares are solid colored should make it crochet pretty quickly!

Well, work calls. Lots of questions about the economic stimulus payment. Woot, woot.

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