Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's THURSDAY! The happiest day of the week! YAY! Post from me!

Okay, excessive use of exclamation points is over. It's Thursday. I'm pretty stoked because I got a free(ish) Southern chicken biscuit sandwich from McDonalds today. It was pretty darn tasty, although not as good as Chick-fill-A. Chicken should've been a little crunchier. I also got a surprisingly good coffee -- it was buy a medium/large drink, get a chicken biscuit free! But I ended up overpaying for my sandwich. I confused the poor girl by giving her 50 cents after she'd rung up my coffee and she forgot to give me an extra dollar back. So instead of spending $1.50 on my breakfast, I spent $2.50. Not too shabby. Today is also free iced coffee at Dunkin' Donuts, so stop by if you get a chance. I'm not a huge fan of the DD's iced coffee, so I'm going to pass.

Today I will also get reflexology done by a friend. She took a class this spring and is now working on getting 100 pairs of feet to be certified. She did my hands a month or so ago and it was sooo relaxing. I hear that it might hurt at first especially when she is working on the toe joints, but that it will be worth it afterwards. We'll see. Trip and I made dinner for her as our payment. It's actually leftover homemade mac 'n' cheese. Normally I make mac 'n' cheese with ham in it, but I had forgotten to take out the ham to defrost. So I thought we'd just have plain mac 'n' cheese. Trip remembered that we had some bacon left -- so he cooked it up (took FOREVER it was sooo fatty) and we put it in the casserole. Soooooo tasty! Of course bacon makes everything better, but it is so fabulous in gooey cheese and noodles. Yum yum yum yum! I will definitely do it again. The thing is that we didn't even cook that much bacon -- just 5 pieces for around 6 servings of macaroni!

So I can't believe that Memorial Day is coming up next weekend. Trip and I will be in the Twin Cities next Friday for his family reunion! I'm really excited for it -- I think it will be lots of fun and it'll be good to see my family too. I just can't believe that it is coming up so soon. The downside is that we are flying out of Philadelphia so we are driving up on Thursday night to stay with Trip's aunt and uncle. Guess what is next Thursday? The big LOST finale! So yes, wah-wah, we might not be able to watch the LOST finale live. :( Oh well! Minnesota, land of no sales tax! Woot, woot!

Summer/fall travel plans have also been taking up a lot of my thinking time...mostly budgeting for them. Trip's cousin Amy is getting married in New Mexico and it seems that flights are just getting totally crazy. And we're driving out to Wisconsin in late August. My parents will be working during the week, so we need to figure out what we want to do to entertain ourselves. I'm hoping we can work out a day or two in Chicago (hotel stay!). The original plan was to visit Jenny and see the Minnesota State Fair, but I'm not sure that will work any more since her housing will be more temporary at the time. But who knows? Any suggestions as to what we should do in the Wisconsin area in late August? We are definitely going to the Sheboygan County Fair over Labor Day weekend -- it will be awesome and we'll eat cowpies and corndogs and other super tasty fried things. Yum yum!

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