Monday, May 19, 2008

What a weekend!

I got to country line dancing which was actually pretty fun. I do not believe that I am quite coordinated enough to really get the intricate steps of many dances, but after a few beers, I tried and was actually pretty successful.

Saturday started out as a super nice lazy day. I made Trip breakfast in bed (apple oven pancake and fruit salad with Greek yogurt) and we watched 27 Dresses. But while we went for a run in the afternoon, I sprained my ankle and fell down. I have serious road rash on my leg and hand that's still kind of painful. The ankle seems to have healed surprisingly quickly and is only a little stiff now.

But I soldiered on! My friend Kelly got free tickets to Madame Butterfly so I went to my first opera in a foreign language. It was good -- the music was great! The Baltimore Opera Company has projected scenery rather than actual sets for this performance, which was distracting at times. But definitely an interesting concept!

Sunday was confirmation Sunday -- our confirmands got confirmed! It was great to see them dressed up and doing faith statements. Trip and I went straight from church to visit Grampy in the hospital in Delaware. He's doing pretty good, but doesn't want to eat, which doesn't seem like a good sign. We'll see what happens... I think we might go visit again in a couple of weeks and try to bring a hamburger and milkshake to encourage him to eat.

I'm excited for this week to be over with -- we're going to Trip's family reunion in Minnesota on Friday! I'll get to see my family and be on vacation at the same time! It also sounds like the whole trip will be lots of fun -- a boat trip on Lake Minnetonka and some horse racing. I think we might also go to a museum on Monday. Trip and I are spending Monday night with Jenny, so he'll get to see her super cute neighborhood. Maybe we'll even get breakfast at the Finnish Bistro!

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