Friday, March 21, 2008

I seem to always get sick right before I leave to go on vacation. At Christmas time, I had a bad cold which I got to sleep off when our flight was delayed. And the same thing happened this week -- I had a bad cold and ended up needing to sleep many, many hours yesterday!

But now I am feeling almost 100% better. I'm still feeling a little sniffly, but at least I'm not super tired.

My big goals for today are to go grocery shopping for the upcoming Easter dinner, do laundry, and send some wedding pictures to Target or Walgreens so I can bring them along with me to Minnesota.

I'm heading out for the Twin Cities on Tuesday for ten days of work and vacation. I'm pretty excited for the conference -- PLA was really good two years ago, and this time there is a whole bunch of workforce development related programming. It should be fun to be in the Twin Cities too -- I've got plans to get together with some college friends and staying with my sister for a few days. I'm planning to bring one of the Ugly Dolls -- probably Jeero -- to take some fun pictures of to post on Flickr! :) He definitely had fun last year when we went!

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Jenny said...

You post those pics from your vacation with Jeero?