Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Thursday!

I can't wait until Friday is done. Work has just been busy with lots of desk hours. I don't have any real big fun plans for the weekend, but am looking forward to having time off. Two days in a row! Actually, I think our most fun plan is making Trip's checking account a joint one! Woot.

But I have fun stuff coming up -- my trip to Minneapolis/Wisconsin is coming up in less than two weeks! So I've been trying to figure out what I want to do, where to eat, and what sessions to attend. Plus I should get in touch with friends to see when a good time to go out for dinner or whatever is.

We're also working on plans for Trip's family reunion, which is also being held in the Twin Cities. Minnesota is getting a lot of love from me this year! We're going over Memorial Day and staying at the Mystic Lake Casino Hotel. Gambling fun! I'm also looking forward to spending a night with my sister -- Trip hasn't ever been to her super cute apartment and neighborhood, so it'll be good to sell him on the awesomeness of St. Paul.

Lately it's been mostly vacation dreaming...but I'll be on vacation (kind of!) in just two weeks!

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