Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm off today...lots of thing to do! Taxes, groceries, napping, and making dinner.

I also should go for a run this morning. I feel really stupid for offering up this excuse, but my arm hurts! It makes me not want to do anything, especially running. It's really stupid, because it's my ARM, not my leg or really anything that would prevent running and/or walking. So we'll see how long I let myself be silly and achy. I'm hoping the Vitamin I (ibuprofen) will kick in during the next hour or so and I'll feel up to going.

I just finished reading an interesting book -- Waking Beauty. It's all about this woman who is fat and ugly (her description of herself!) who wakes up one morning as a beautiful supermodel. Despite the change in her appearance, she ends up changing her behavior and getting revenge on those who disliked her when she was her former self. Short and actually kind of thought provoking.

So...yeah...the ibuprofen hasn't quite kicked in yet, but I think I'll probably get outside at least this morning. Probably in the next half-hour. Although it is awful nice and warm under my blanket!

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