Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The local college radio station (WTMD) in Towson is doing a countdown of the top 897 albums of all time. It's definitely not the best idea, in my option, and the countdown has been kind of uneven. But last night they were playing Bjork's Post, which landed somewhere in the low 600s. I loved that album. I remember listening to it on repeat while I wrote bad fanfiction for Remember WENN. It was my inspiration! "It's Oh So Quite" just really did it for me -- the big band sound, the shouting, the quietness of it! What a fabulous song.

Now I just have to dig it out of my CD collection -- which is nicely reorganized in a tower! -- and give the whole album another listen.


Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

I was just thinking about that song last week or something! NEATO

Steve said...

Hey Rebecca,
Thanks for writing about the 897 Greatest Albums of All Time Countdown.

It's based on listener votes...over 20,000 albums were submitted so I am not surprised you've found it uneven. It's bound to go around a big loop as all of our listeners chime in! Hope you're listening when we hit #1 on Feb. 29th!

Jenny said...

Wow, look at that, someone googled the countdown then left you a comment - freaky!