Thursday, September 20, 2007

Total slacker, I know. It's been a loooong time since my last post.

Wedding planning seems to take over a lot of my life. Last weekend was also super busy, due to seeing Chicago (the musical), a Young Adults cook-out, and birthday lunch with Trip's mom. It was hard to find time to get some of the wedding stuff done. But I've got a list and am slowly working at whittling away things. And I'll be moving next weekend into our new apartment! It's good, but there is another list of things I need to do -- changing addresses and setting up gas/electric, phone, and cable!

The wedding shower was lots of fun. Jenny was there, which was a big surprise when I picked up my Mom at the airport. They threw a really nice event with TONS of food and several fun games! It was nice having my Mom here too. We managed to buy me a dress for the rehearsal dinner (it's cute and casual) and find centerpieces! Plus we got her a super cute silver purse for her dress and did lots of shopping.

This weekend I am focusing mostly on packing, wedding stuff, and a little bit of "back to school" shopping. I need some new pants and tops, and maybe a skirt or two for fall/winter. I participated in a focus group for Lutheran World Relief this week that paid $100, so I've got some cash to finance my shopping spree! Should be fun!

I'm also hoping to get a pair of brown flats this fall. I LOVE that flats are in and there are two pairs that I really like. Maybe y'all could help me pick out which ones to get.

These are Luan from Naturalizer and are super cute! I love that they're tortoise shell which means they'd match both brown and black pants/skirts. But the price is higher, $60!

And there are these from Payless, though not the ones I originally thought. Cheaper, but not quite as cute. Thoughts?

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