Thursday, September 27, 2007

I've been busy packing for the big move this Saturday. In some ways it's hard to believe that I won't be living in Towson any more. It's been three years at the same apartment, probably the longest I've lived any where since high school! And it was with the same roommate -- the longest I've ever lived with anyone and her cat! I know I am going to miss Petra. It won't quite be the same not having a little furry kitty to pick up and cuddle with, plus I won't have her to play with. Someday Trip and I will get a puppy or dog, but probably not until we buy a house. So no more furry pets for me!

It's also just one month to the wedding, which is super crazy. There is so much stuff to do and I haven't had the time to do any thing lately since I've been busy packing. Also, most of the wedding crafty stuff is now over at Trip's house. There's still favor tags to be made, yards and yards of ribbon to be tied, cake plates to be silly things like making an appointment to get my hair and makeup done!

The upside to moving is that Trip and I just bought a brand new bed that is getting delivered on Monday. A queen sized bed! Quite a change from our twins! I'm interested to see how having a softer top on the bed will help me sleep. I imagine it will probably help a lot -- it'll be like drifting off to sleep in a cloud!

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Rabbi Isaac Ghostein said...

OK, I get it, I'm not invited to the wedding.

It hurts, Rebecca. You have know me longer than you have know Trip, and I have always been here to lighten the mood or provide religious advice. You know you could have left off some random aunt or something and made room for me.