Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's spring break week here in Baltimore which means no Confirmation for me! Woot! A free Thursday evening. So what will I be doing? Going to a library event about comics! But it's not at my library (AWESOME!!) and Trip's the one who wants to go...I'm just along for the ride.

Tomorrow is my day off this week, so I'll be enjoying doing things like ordering shoes online, maybe getting my haircut, and purchasing a new battery for my watch. I lead an exciting life, eh?

I have big, big plans for Sunday afternoon. I am thinking about making delicious pasties. I haven't ever made them for Trip -- I haven't even made them myself for several years! So now it is time again to enjoy the deliciousness of pasties. Tomorrow I am going to make dinner as well, but I am not sure what to make. I've got ham left over from Easter, so I should probably come up with something to use it up. I'd like to make mac 'n' cheese from scratch, but coupled with the pasties, it might end up being comfort food overload!


Jon said...

Today is Friday the 13th.


Jenny said...

so how was the comfort food overload?

Jon said...

it was great I eat bagels and lox and gefilte fish ha ha ha raaarrrrrr