Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Easter three day weekend was pretty awesome. I got to do practical things, like grocery shopping and laundry, and fun things like shopping and cooking. Although I sliced off a big chunk of my middle fingernail while cooking, it was a good time.

Friday was the practical day. I did get to try some really awesome doughnuts from the Fractured Prune. Freshmade and dipped in glaze of my choice. I had two -- Reese Cup (peanut butter glaze with mini chocolate chips) and...hmmm...what was the other one I got? Oh yeah -- Morning Buzz (mocha glaze with Oreo crumbs). Way too rich...next time I would go with a cinnamon or fruit flavored glaze. But super duper tasty!

Saturday Trip and I went out for breakfast at Golden West. We have come up with this great idea for one of us to order pancakes or French toast and the other orders an egg dish. And then we split it, getting the perfect combination of sweet and savory for breakfast. This time we had a Goldilox omlet -- it had cream cheese, lox, and capers inside -- and Ginger Pumpkin pancakes. Another excellent breakfast. Then we went shopping on the Avenue. I ended up getting a summer blazer -- it's got cute cap sleeves and it's a bright green. Very, very cute!

The whole goal of going there was to look at paper at Chelle Papiere, a chic paper place, to find some inspiration for the wedding. It didn't have quite what I was hoping for, but we did find a couple of papers that were very pretty. They also make custom stamps, so it looks like they might be a great source for getting that made for the invites etc.

Saturday afternoon/evening Trip and I spent in Delaware having a pre-Easter dinner with his parents and aunt and uncle. It was a really good dinner. My ribbon jello (layers of raspberry, orange cream, and lime) turned out quite tasty. Next time I wouldn't put in quite so many frozen raspberries (a little too tart!), but otherwise it was fabulous!

Sunday Trip and I went to church and saw some of our church friends. Then we went home and made Easter dinner for ourselves. It was a ham with apricot-mustard glaze, a potato-cheese-leek tart-like thing, and aspargus, peas, and radishes. Quite tasty! And I got to use my new mandoline quite successfully! (Except the whole fingernail slicing thing...but that was my own fault for using my fingers to hold the radish instead of the plastic thing they provide.)

So...it was a good weekend! I'm starting to get back into the wedding planning. On Friday I am planning to go to Jo-Ann's to look for potential trim for my veil. I still have to order the shoes from Zappos. I'm not sure which I like best, so I might just order both and return them if I don't like them. I'm also planning start meeting with florists soon to get that sorted away. So many details!!

Oh! And Icebat and Jeero also came with us to Delaware for some Easter fun. Hopefully soon I will have more pics of them up on my Flickr page!

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why aren't there any pictures of me on your flickr page i will wear my yarmulke ha ha ha ha