Thursday, April 19, 2007

I did not go into comfort food overload last weekend. I didn't even end up making pasties, but I think they'll get made on Sunday this week. We ended up eating a fritatta on Friday night, going out for dinner on Saturday day (pizza with shrimp and calamari, tasty!), and having Chinese at church on Sunday.

This week I've been busy working on deciding what kind of flowers I like and coming up with the name of some to contact. I've got two appointments in early May. I like the idea of doing wine, copper, and cream for the flowers. I think cream might work well for people whose clothing isn't selected by me (i.e., moms and readers). Plus it'll look pretty with the red and copper flowers!

Trip and I are also going to be meeting with a potential photographer on Tuesday. I think they'll probably be the ones that we end up going with, but he's investigating other possibilities too. Fun stuff!

I've started watching Lost (Trip's evil influence) and I really liked last night's episode. A Desmond episode! Where we learned all kinds of fun things, including Korean ghost stories. What else is new in television news...not a whole lot. I'm looking forward to the new season of Project Runway (whenever it starts!) and tonight's episode of Ugly Betty.

The other items that I've started to think about is apartments. We don't have to start seriously looking for an apartment until June/July, but I'm working out where the best location/neighborhood to look in will be. I'm also getting fussy -- I want my apartment to have a washer and dryer in the unit! I hate doing laundry for just me; I can't imagine how I'd feel doing another person's laundry as well. Public transportation should be a major factor (the library is pretty close to all the reliable modes of public transport here in Baltimore), but I like where I live now, which is not the most convenient for taking the light rail or metro, and the bus is slightly less reliable. So who knows?

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