Thursday, April 26, 2007

I have tomorrow off and I am SO looking forward to Friday. This week feels like it's been exceptionally busy and stressful. I even had a mini-stress attack this morning after worrying about schedules and meetings. Change is coming, and while I'm not worried about it for me, I worry about it for other people. It's probably ridiculous of me, but...that's the way I roll.

Well, enough of that!

I'm looking forward to this weekend because I get to go to a picnic and the opening game for the Charm City Roller Girls. Roller derby is actually pretty fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing it with a group of people. The only downside is that we have to sit on the hard floor of the roller rink. Other than that, Trip and I don't have any plans for the weekend. We've both had a stressful week, plus Trip has been sick, so it'll be nice to just relax.

Tonight is the last night I have to teach Confirmation! Huzzah! It seems like the year has gone by super-duper fast (also, I believe in years past that we've taught slightly longer, so I might have another week left, but this is officially on the schedule as the last week of Confirmation for Confirmation I, the class I teach). It's practically May!

I got my shoes from Zappos on Tuesday and I think I'm going to be keeping the Fitzwell Barb shoes. They're cute and extremely comfortable. I am not 100% sold on the toe box shape (I'm definitely a round-toe shoe girl), but tomorrow I plan on trying them on with my dress to see how I like it. The other blue shoes just don't quite look right on my feet (a little too wide) and seem a little too big (despite the fact that I ordered a size 8 instead of a 9!), but they are super cute. Because no one is probably going to see my shoes all that much, I think the first pair are pretty cute but also very comfortable (gel inserts!) so I won't be getting a strappy sandal or anything like that!

In other wedding news, I've also started to make necklaces for the bridesmaids. I saw it in a wedding craft book -- stringing pearls on a cord and tying knots inbetween the pearls. The cord is a pretty dark pink, so you can see the pink inbetween the pearls. Since their dresses have a little pink in them (ribbons and flowers), it should be a nice contrast. And something they can use again! It's not too hard to tie the knots -- but I should really do it earlier in the evening before I get tired. Last night I tried to do it during lost and it was just a little bit more than I could concentrate on.

Here's some fun Web 2.0 gadget for everyone. I read an article in Slate called "In Search of the Perfect Web Page." It's all about this really super neat website called Netvibes that you can use to corrall all of your RSS feeds and email and other web gadgetry. I am actually using RSS to look at the blogs that I enjoy instead of typing in every single webpage that I like to read. It's really neat and a good time saver. You can even make all kinds of tabs to organize work stuff from fun things, blogs from comics, etc. I'm not a huge efficency fan, but this is pretty sweet. You can even set it up to check your email -- and it'll tell you when new messages come in.


Jon said...

I think I would be good at roller derby. It is a shame it is all women. Because I could make this really freaky outfit and put on makeup and you need to skate over to your synagogue NOW or at least saturday ha ha ha ha im a rabbi

Jenny said...


Sorry I've missed your calls lately - last week of the term, very busy as one could imagine.

I'll try catching you this weekend!

Jon said...

why haven't you called me i want to talk about dreidels