Thursday, April 05, 2007

What have I been up to the end of March/beginning of April?

Oh, lots of stuff. I went to the Cold War Kids concert last Wednesday. They were lots of fun. One of the opening bands was also super awesome -- the Delta Spirit. From what I've found online, Delta Spirit must be pretty new, but they were fun and kind of folk rocky. I liked them so much that I bought their EP!

I also went to a whole bunch of birthday parties, including one weekend for Trip's grandfather who turned 97 and Cupcake's niece who turned 7! So there was a lot of cake that weekend. And a pinata.

I working on finding shoes for the wedding right now. I've found two that I like a lot on Zappos -- although I'm trying to also decide on the color.
These are fun Fitzwell Barb. They've got extra gel cushion-y stuff in them, so I imagine they'd be super comfortable. I also LOVE mary jane-esque shoes, so they'd be fab for that. I think they might be a little old ladyish. Thoughts?

These are maybe even more adorable J. Shoes Victoria. They are tiny little kitten heels (1") and come in this really cute light blue and white. I think they're super cute and I'm going to order them for sure, but I'm not 100% sure about getting blue shoes.

The upside with these shoes being from Zappos is that I can order both of them and not pay shipping either way. So if both are totally uncomfortable and horrible looking with my fabulous dress, I can just ship 'em back and not worry about paying for it! Huzzah!

Trip and I also went to the cherry blossom festival briefly on last Saturday. He wasn't feeling good, so we had to cut our trip to D.C. a little short. But it was fun -- the blossoms were really pretty and the weather was pretty good! Sunny and warm.

But now it is cold, cold, cold! I have been so cold lately. Easter will definitely not be a time to break out the spring clothes quite yet.

I'm also looking forward to Easter to eat candy again! I have been quite good this year -- no candy of any sort. And I've been tempted -- Dove chocolate Easter eggs are soooo tasty.

I'm making a Jell-o dish for the pre-Easter dinner with Trip's family on Saturday. It's a striped Jello -- the bottom layer will be raspberry jello with raspberries, the next layer orange jello with mandarin oranges and cream cheese (it'll be the creamy cloudy layer), and the final layer lemon (I think) with pineapple. I have to figure out what kind of container to make it in, since I don't have a Jello mold. But I have a fairly large clear pyrex casserole dish which might work. I have to make sure it'll hold all that Jello! It turns out, perhaps I'll take pictures.

I have to decide if I'm making an Easter dinner for Sunday or if we're going over to friends. If I do end up doing it, there are a couple vegetable dishes I want to try out as accompaments to the ham. A potato and leek dish with gruyere cheese and a mixture of aspargus, peas, and radish. Sounds tasty and spring-y!

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Jon said...

I am glad that you go to synagogue found some shoes that you GO TO SYNAGOGUElike. I can't wait to shalomsee you at your wedding!