Thursday, March 01, 2007


I've got a meeting in about a half an hour and I'm seriously sleepy right now. Not good!

But in other news, I'm going to Minnesota/Wisconsin soon! Like less than a week! Bridesmaid dress shopping! Wedding dress shopping! Catching up with my girls! Very, very exciting! Getting to see Jenny's apartment and cubicle at the U of M! Eating at a Swedish bakery! Taking the bus! It all gets exclamation points!!

The downside being that tomorrow is my only day off until I leave for Minneapolis. I get to work the whole weekend. (No exclamation point.)

But tomorrow should be a nice day -- I'm having a friend over for homemade pizza. I'm trying to decide what kind of pizza to make though. I usually make two: a regular pizza and a BBQ chicken pizza. But I feel like I should try something different. Any suggestions? I have to go shopping tomorrow....maybe I should go to Trader Joe's and get some of the delicious chicken sausage that they always have. Mmmmm...tasty!

The wedding planning is coming together pretty well. We've confirmed the organist and done a tasting. Trip and I haven't decided on the entrees yet, but we will soon-ish. The one thing I have to do tomorrow is fill out the engagement announcement for my hometown paper.

Otherwise...nothing too exciting going on here!

But! I did read this really awesome young adult book this weekend. American Born Chinese is an award-winning graphic novel that tells the stories of three seemingly unrelated events: the myth of a monkey, a Chinese-American boy in school, and the story of an American boy visited by his charicature of a Chinese cousin. It's short, very entertaining, and has really beautiful artwork. I'm usually not a huge graphic novel fan, but this one was really easy to read and had some awesome art. But I did love Peanutbutter & Jeremy's Best Book Ever. That graphic novel was super entertaining. Mostly because the cat wears a tie and a hat. Hee!


Jon said...

This is the dress you should buy

You are welcome!


Jon said...

In case it is cut off the end of that is LadyRoi/8299.jpg

Jenny said...

pepperoni, the only choice when it comes to pizza choices.

speaking of food, what do you want to eat while you are here? there are lots of food places, some of which are quite good. but it's up to you!! let me know...

Rebecca said...

That dress is so awesome. If only we were having a patriotic themed wedding on July 4.