Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's voting day! And in Maryland, it's also a state holiday! So I'm home, planning to go to the polls in about a half an hour. This afternoon I'm off shopping with some girls from the library. My goal: to find that chocolate brown cardigan that I have been looking for since September. And to have a tasty lunch.

The wedding this past weekend was really fun. The only downside is that it was a late wedding and I was getting tired by midnight. But the food was delicious! And the cake! Fabulous! It had chocolate and regular cheesecake as filling in the middle of the cake. Plus we got a dessert plate with the cake, vanilla ice cream in a chocolate wafer bowl, and apples wrapped in a pastry dumpling. They also had a live band, which was really, really good. People were definitely up and dancing! Having some Motown seems to really get the crowd going.

Before we went up to New York for the wedding, we saw a movie -- Flushed Away. It was HILARIOUS. I would totally recommend it to everyone -- especially if you like Wallace and Gromit and British humor. I am not a huge fan of the animated movies with all the celebrity voices (and am especially appalled to see that they are redoing Charlotte's Web with Julia Roberts as the voice of Charlotte. Seriously, why her?), but this one was great! Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet were perfect as the main characters and the supporting voices -- Bill Nighy (awesome as Whitey, the lab rat), Ian McKellan (as the bad guy The Toad), and Jean Reno (as LeFrog) -- were excellent. I especially loved the henchfrogs.

The French frogs -- complete with a mime!

So...that's about it!

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