Thursday, November 02, 2006

How exciting! Blogger now has tags. I have always thought tags for blogging is essential, but I didn't want to move over to Typepad. Some weekend when I'm not crazy-busy, I'll have to figure out some tags for this blog.

Weekly update: the wedding I went to was really, really nice. Some friends from church (we'll call them Lutheran Lovers) got married on Saturday at my church. It was really cool to see a big-ish wedding take place at my church -- the Lutheran Lovers had 12 attendants total! And then we had the reception at the library, which was both pretty and weird. Weird mostly because people kept saying how beautiful it was and I look around and think, yeah, it is pretty, but I am here every day! I forget how beautiful the Central Hall is at night when there aren't as many lights on and people are dressed up. That was the nice part. Plus I got to dance at my workplace. A DJ really jazzes things up!

In other news, I am giving up buying candy until the end of the year. I feel like I get candy (M&Ms and Reese's peanut butter cups) fairly often, and with Halloween ending, I thought it would be a good idea to just say no to buying candy. Now, if someone were to give me candy, I wouldn't say no. Or if there is candy in our department -- but I won't be purchasing it.

I'm off to another weekend -- the end of the "Four Weddings and a Roadtrip Summer/Fall Extravaganza" is in sight. Trip and I are off to New York to a black-tie optional wedding. I am guessing it will probably be the best one we go to this year -- the bride mentioned that when the reception starts, there should be champagne and strawberries for everyone! I really like champagne (as long as it's not too dry), as I discovered at the Champagne Party I went to last spring, so that's awesome. They are also having a live band. So I've got a fancy dress -- it is a retro dress that I got in Hampden for around $20. It's got a Grecian design to it and is a bright peachy color with fake jewelery sewn into the bodice area. It is prettier than my description.

How is everyone liking the new fall TV shows? I haven't picked up too many new shows -- pretty much just Studio 60 (which I don't particularly like, but it's the only thing on on Monday nights), Desperate Housewives (which I know isn't new, but I just started watching it this season and it was surprisingly easy to catch up on), Top Chef (which isn't as good as Project Runway), and Ugly Betty (which I totally LOVE - it's so cute and kitschy!). I am still enjoying Veronica Mars, Lost ('cuz I get to watch it with my sweetie), How I Met Your Mother (LOVE Barney and Marshall!), and The Office (when I can catch it after Confirmation). Anything I should be watching? Anything I should drop?

I've also been going craaaazy reading this year. It's only the beginning of November and I've already read more books than I read last year. I think this may be due to the fact that I've been reading young adult fiction, but's not that much shorter. I'm thinking that I may have to start trying to read more challenging fiction every couple of months. Perhaps during December I'll tackle re-reading Anna Karenina. It's my favorite book, and I still haven't read the new translation that I bought, oh, say four years ago.

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