Friday, November 17, 2006

I was making desserts for the young adult dinner that I am going to next week. I only have to make one, but since it sounds like the other guy (PM) who offered to bring dessert isn't sure if he's coming, I thought I'd see what I had in the kitchen to make another one. I don't have a ton of stuff, but I do have the ingredients to make toffee bars. Basically the only "weird" ingredients are chocolate and nuts. I'm not using milk chocolate as the recipe calls for -- all I've got is semi-sweet. But I imagine it'll still taste good.

But when I was making the dough for the bars, I only put in one stick of margarine. It seemed a little dry, but the recipe did refer to the margarine, flour, sugar, etc. mix as a "crust." Crusts, especially for bars, do tend to be a bit on the drier side. So I pop in the oven and check the ingredient list again. Turns out I was supposed to use one cup of margarine, not one stick! I always make this mistake -- but luckily, I caught it early enough to take the pan out of the oven before anything went wrong. So hopefully it'll taste extra-delicious and fat-filled. Yum!

I also made brownies with peppermint patties in the middle a la Everyday Food. Some of the mints on the edges ended up a little too close to the sides of the pan, so I ended up with a few gaps in the brownies. But I bet they'll still taste good! Their recipe called for brownies from scratch, but I decided that a mix would be easier. Thanks to Thanksgiving, I only had to spend $1 to get a brownie mix! Much cheaper than buying chocolate, although probably not quite as delicious.

Let's hope both desserts turn out good!

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