Thursday, October 26, 2006

My typical Thursday of the view times that I can find a bit of free time.

My big exciting news: I can run 2 miles without stopping! Trip and I have been training for a 5K and have moved past the run a little, walk a little stage into full-on running. I can run for 25 minutes and go a little over 2 miles. Not perhaps the fastest pace, BUT...I can run 2 miles! Without stopping! The goal is to get up to 3 miles (3.1 to be precise) by Thanksgiving. And throw in some hills, as the Turkey Trot we are training for is not on a track.

I am quite happy with this fact. I remember in elementary, middle, and high school just DREADING the mile run. And, after reading my journal from 11th grade, I probably wasn't terribly slow (11-12 minutes I think), but just felt that way about it. I've never been into running EVER and it is quite exciting to know that I CAN do it.

Yes, it also makes me want to capitalize things too.

In other news, the double weekend of weddings starts on Saturday. Friends from church are getting married with their reception being held at my workplace. Yes, people have receptions at the library. Our main hall is GORGEOUS (although perhaps not the best acoustically). I am really looking forward to seeing how fab it looks all dressed up for a wedding reception. Next weekend Trip and I are off to New York on Saturday for a Jewish wedding (black tie optional, yikes!). It should be fun and he's not in this one, so I will not have to sit through the wedding with people I have just met.

Oh! I forgot to mention that the weekend after that my Mom will be here to visit. Lately when I've seen Trip's parents it makes me miss my own. So she suggested that she come for a weekend. And this one worked out! So we shall be having fun in Baltimore. Not sure exactly what it will entail yet, but there is something going on at church, an Irish Festival, a fantasy movie premiere that a guy I work with is in premiering on Saturday, parents to meet, shopping/museuming to do...and all that in just a little over three days. I am also planning on making some delicious risotto because my Mom says she's never had it. I'm not sure if I should make the butternut squash version that I had lots of success with or a new version that uses tomato, sausage, and spinach. I think trying the new version would be good -- I would just need a nice salad on the side to make it fabulous.

The weather has also gotten cold here and I have turned on the heat. The library has also recently turned on the heat and it's still chilly.

Which reminds me -- I love sweaters. But I definitely do not have as many any more. (The incredible shrinking Rebecca!) So I am going to ask for some sweaters for Christmas. My goal has been to find a really pretty and flattering chocolate brown cardigan, preferrably a wrap-sweater. But no luck so far!

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