Friday, September 22, 2006

The only thing I can think of right now is that my thumb is hurting. I think I've been over-crocheting lately. I've got quite a few yarn projects under way and have been hitting high gear in the wedding afghan that has to be done by October 28th. I also have an afghan planned (but have not yet purchased any yarn or started on the pattern) for a Christmas gift which will have to be started as soon as I finish the other present. It's not so bad -- I've been crocheting in the morning while watching the Today show (and the Daily Show -- I recently figured out that they rerun it at 8 am in the morning, which is awesome if I go to bed early, as I have been all this week.) and at night. New TV season = more time for me to crochet. But it's an issue if I start hurting. Even going slower doesn't seem to help.

Big plans for tomorrow -- The Virgin Festival at Pimlico! Quite exciting. The planned bands that we MUST SEE are: the Raconteurs, Gnarls Barkley (my #1 choice now that Keane is out), the Who, and the Flaming Lips. Other bands we'd like to hit include: the New Pornographers, Kasabian (mostly because they're Brits and used to tour with Oasis, I know absolutely nothing about their music), the Brazil Sisters, Scissor Sisters, the Killers, RJD2, and the Drive-by Truckers. Should be a crazy day! No Keane at the Fest means that I don't have a "I'm keen of Keane" shirt yet. Too bad, I probably would've picked up some merch if it had been decent.

Speaking of music news, I heard on WTMD that Travis should be having a CD out soon. I didn't particularly like their latest CD (quite a departure from the awesomeness of The Man Who and The Invisible Band), but am hoping that it will be a return to form for Fran and the boys.

Nothing else too new. I missed the first 5-8 minutes of The Office yesterday and although I get the gist that Jim has moved to a new office and that Pam isn't married, I feel like I need a recap. What happened people?

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Anonymous said...

Bob told Jeff that his job was in jeopardy. Also, the car from last season was spotted in a parking lot.