Friday, August 11, 2006

Two posts in two days! Madness!

I got my haircut today. It looks quite cute and short -- about chin length or so. My hairdresser was quite nice, although she kept commenting on my highlights. I know it's been around five months since I put them in...and now she made me all self-conscious. Several people had complimented my hair lately, so I figured I wouldn't need to dye/highlight it again for a little while. I'll probably do it in about two weeks -- the next time I have a Friday off. Unless I get a lot of sun while I'm at the beach in New Jersey.

I also got an AWESOME wrap dress on sale at Ann Taylor Loft. I'm planning on wearing it to the upcoming wedding in the beginning of October. It was considerably less expensive than the other dress that I have for weddings. I would love to get some brand new shoes to wear with 'em -- strappy metallic shoes. I've got some flashy jewelry that would look nice with it. So I'll think about the shoes... Best of all, it's both wedding AND work appropriate. I love wrap dresses!

Nothing too exciting happening this Friday. I get to work tomorrow and later this afternoon I have an eye doctor's appointment. I'm just planning on relaxing tonight and not doing a whole lot. Can't go wrong with just chillin'.

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jenny said...

Eh, it's a hairdressers job to make you feel bad about your hair so you pay her more money to do it at the salon. I say ignore her, especially if you had other people telling you that your hair rocks. Post pictures of your new 'do?