Thursday, August 10, 2006

Did you ever take computer class back in summer school? When you'd use the old Apple IIes and write commands to make the turtle move by typing things like PU (for pen up), PD (pen down) and other commands that I don't remember any more. Well, Glarkware has brought back these happy memories with their totally awesome new shirt -- I Rock at Basic.

I love that the weather has calmed down. This past weekend was gorgeous. I had Saturday off and in the morning Trip and I ate breakfast in my dining room with the French doors open. Nice and cool. The going away party also went really well, and we didn't end up with an insane amount of leftovers. (This is where being a very dilligent "no, please, take it home with you!" hostess pays off.)

In other news, I now have a real cell phone. Well, I haven't ever owned a fake or pretend cell phone; rather I used to have a pre-paid one through Virgin Mobile. (Who totally rock!) But I've been using it I finally got myself a Verizon Wireless plan. Now you can totally call me all the time on my nifty new camera phone!

I've got a real double date planned for Saturday night after work -- Trip and I are going out to dinner and a movie with a librarian and her significant other. We're going to see Little Miss Sunshine, which appears to be quite hilarious. Librarian and her SO have seen it before (a special sneak preview at the Maryland Film Festival) and said that they wanted to see it again. Should be a good time!

Project Runway was a good time last night -- although poor Bradley got the ax. His not-at-all-Cher-like outfit was really awful, although I was hoping Vincent's even worse Twiggy-esque outfit would make him lose. Boo! But Michael (who is AWESOME) finally won a challenge with an awesome Pam Grier magenta sexy outfit (complete with hot pants!).

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Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

The commands you mention are not from BASIC, they are from Logo.

I have a bothersome case of athlete's foot today.