Thursday, August 31, 2006


It's gotten a little chilly here in Maryland. I shouldn't complain. I like wearing pants and sweatshirts and socks. But I also don't like wearing nylons, which, if this weather keeps up, I'll have to do soon.

I went and saw Dinosaur Jr. on Monday night at the Ottobar with Trip and his roommate. I did get home at a reasonable hour (12:30) so I shouldn't complain too much. I had a pretty good time. But next time I would probably not go to a show for a band that I'm not familiar with, especially if they are performing on a Monday night. But we did go to the Paper Moon Cafe for dessert and it was pretty tasty. I think I'd go there for breakfast some Saturday.

I'm looking forward to the Labor Day weekend. I actually have the whole weekend off. No big plans, but I hope to hit the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning to get tomatoes. I want to make some more roasted tomato sauce -- it was quite a hit last year. Trip and I are heading up to Delaware on Sunday for fun in Newcastle, DE with his fam. I think there will be a picnic dinner of sorts afterwards -- so we're making brownies (from scratch, so easy!) and a fruit salad.

I've been working like crazy on knitting/crocheting. I've got two gifts that I'm working on -- an easy crochet afghan for a friend's wedding in October and a crocheted baby afghan consisting of granny squares. It's going to be super cute when I finish it, but the baby afghan uses such a tiny hook!! I've also been inspired by a scarf that I made last summer and a knitting book to make a throw out of a bunch of random yarns. I'd bought some last year at Target with this idea in mind, but actually started doing it last night. I'll still probably need to get a few more (ribbon yarn and some metallic yarn too!), but I've got a good start. It'll be yellows, reds, greens, and tans. I hope it turns out really pretty. Plus I tend to give most of the stuff that I make away, so it'll be good to keep something! My crafty streak is also extending to Trip's parents -- for Christmas, I'm planning on making them an afghan. But I want to finish the wedding one first.

Tonight is Confirmation planning. Yes, I'm teaching again and this time Trip is joining me. I think it'll be fun. I really do like doing it (otherwise, three years of giving up Thursday nights -- crazy!) so I'm hoping he enjoys it too. It'll be interesting to see how things go and whether or not we get to teach together. I hope so.

I got some new shoes for the weddings coming up and they are the perfect height and metallic color. The only bad thing is that they seem to be a little too short (I should've gone with the 9 rather than the 8 1/2!) and rub my heels. But I'm hoping to break them in (wearing them today) before I have to "boogie all night long" in 'em.

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