Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yeah, I know...I'm a big ole slacker when it comes to the blogging.

But in other news, this upcoming week I have a good excuse not to blog. I'm going to be heading to Wisconsin for a week of vacation over the Fourth of July!!! With Trip, who will be meeting the fam. Other things planned include: you can see, I've got an awesome week up ahead. And I promise you pictures of cows. Even though my digital camera isn't quite working properly, there will be pictures up once I get back.

Oh, and the wedding that was last weekend went well. Trip's friends were really nice and not at all scary. (I know, I should've expected it, but never know!) I had a really good time and didn't go overboard drinking. There was dancing, which is always fun. Mostly it was just really relaxing, staying at a hotel and sleeping in. Plus we went swimming with this adorable pair of little kids and their older sister. It was really fun! Plus I looked hot for the wedding -- my dress was quite a success. A couple of Trip's friend's fiancees thought that it was from BCBG! Me, wear designer? Who would've thought?

One last thought: I was getting books on CD for our long drive out to Wisconsin and I thought, I should get Pure Drivel by Steve Martin. I listened to it when we drove down to Florida for spring break in 2002 and it was great! Unfortunately, it was checked out. So no Drivel for us. However, I did get The Pleasure of My Company by Steve Martin which looks to be fun. Plus it's only five hours long. Another option for our listening pleasure is the latest Harry Potter -- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. But it's 19 hours long...I don't think we'll manage to listen to it all...


Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

Children often run to me and say, "Rabbi Goldstein, Rabbi Goldstein! Will you teach me the Kabbalah?" And to them I say, "No. I will not yet teach you the Kabbalah."

Jenny Bean said...

(Pointedly igrnoing the ramblings of the Rabbi)

Rebes! I want to see you looking all hot in your "could-pass-for-designer" dress.

I hope you had a fabulous time in the Great State of Wisconsin.

Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

I am ignoring Jennifer too! Her disarming smile belies her heretical ways. Each evening, over dinner, she and Jon discuss how to round up all of our people and send us back to Israel.

Wisconsin is okay, but with no NFL team you have to watch college football, and those Golden Gophers are usually not very good.