Thursday, July 27, 2006

I plan to post pictures of my vacation in Wisconsin soon. I promise! There are pictures of cows! It's just that I was sick last Friday...bad summer cold that made me just want to sit on the couch and nap. Or at least try to nap.

So...what's new? I've got some more fun summertime plans -- in August, I'm going to the beach at Cape May New Jersey to spend a couple days with a friend. Her brother is getting married and her family is renting a beach house for the whole week. So, after the wedding, she invited some friends up to spend the week. I won't be there for the whole week, but I do get to spend Monday and Tuesday there. Yay -- just laying around to get a tan! I'm excited.

Ellen from Wisconsin is also planning a trip down here for the beach in Delaware during September. So Trip and I are going to go the same weekend so that I can finally go to the Delaware beach and see Ellen. Two good things in one weekend! I haven't gotten any of the details I'm hoping to talk to Ellen soon.

Also in September, I got tickets to the Virgin Festival. No, it's not a festival for virgins or born-again virgins, but rather a musical festival that looks to be AWESOME. Featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Who, Gnarls Barkley, Keane (squee!), the Flaming Lips, the Scissor Sisters, and more. I am really excited. Plus Trip is going to make me a shirt that says "I'm keen for Keane." Love it!

So...that's about it with upcoming events.

Tonight I've got dinner reservations for Baltimore's restaurant week at Roy's of Baltimore. It's going to be a three course meal for $30. Best of all, the menu is Hawaiian fusion. How awesome does that sound? I'm really exited for the dessert -- Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle! I've been told (by someone that went there on Monday night) that it's delicious but small.

So I'll let you know how it turns out...but stay tuned for pics from vacation.


Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

Michael Feldman is up in Wisconsin and he is a good man.

Jenny Bean said...

Rabbi, I can't believe you referenced Michael Feldman. He is one of my favorite public radio hosts. He's my favorite Jew.