Thursday, May 04, 2006

I get to leave to go to the O.C. this afternoon -- Ocean City, not Orange County -- for the Maryland Library Association conference. I'm not actually attending the conference, just presenting on Friday morning. It should be fun -- even though I've got a cold, I'm planning on bringing my swim suit and maybe hitting the pool this afternoon/evening.

I love the fact that the seasons are changing and that it is getting warmer. But now I look at my wardrobe and am not sure exactly what to wear. Picking out an outfit for the conference will be interesting. I ordered some new stuff online on Tuesday -- from Brooklyn Industries. I hope they fit -- but I got the Riveter Dress (in jade), the A Train Skirt (pink), and Aerodome Pants (grey). I should be getting them pretty soon, I hope!

Anyway, I don't really have a ton of's already almost 10 am and I want to be leaving in around two hours. I still haven't packed or gotten my stuff together at all!! Maybe I'll have free wireless access at hotel I'm staying at and I can write some more later.... I've often thought about getting a laptop for using at home. I feel like I might use it more than my regular computer. I guess the question should be -- do I need to be on the computer more? I'm on it all the time at work -- do I need my eyes glued to a screen at home too? I don't think so, but it's kind of fun right now.

Gotta go. Wish me luck!

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