Thursday, May 11, 2006

I can confirm something that I suspect all of y'all knew was true: having coffee come out of your nose does, indeed, hurt.

I was in a meeting this morning and ended up taking a gulp of coffee that just went the wrong way. And dang, it does hurt to have coffee come out your nose. Especially during a powerpoint presentation (which, thankfully, I was not giving) when the participants were supposed to be quiet. Not to get into a gross details -- oh, okay, to get into a little bit of gross details -- I even blew my nose later and had coffee colored stuff come out. (All together: EW! You're disgusting!)

In other news, I am roommate free this weekend. Cupcake went up to New York this morning for a weekend of show seeing and shopping and whatnot. I dropped her off at the bus station this morning and ended up at work 30 minutes early.

Tonight is also shaping up to be the last night of Confirmation -- and I have to put together some vocation test for the kiddies to take. It should be interesting. I'm really tired from getting up early and didn't even want to come into work. But I'll pull it together for the kids. Hopefully.

I can't believe Jenny is going to be here in less than a week. And pretty soon I'll have several days off in a row! YAY! Vacation time, which will include a trip to D.C. and up to PA for Dansko shopping and also a dress for wedding attending. I'll be meeting Trip's friends from high school, so I have to make sure that I look super hot to impress. I'm not quite sure how I will be able to pull that off, but I'm sure having Jenny there to help me shop, I will manage to find something suitable.

Any suggestions on what to get?

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