Monday, May 01, 2006

I don't think of myself as someone who is afraid of going to the dentist. I never really have been in the past. After the urging of Trip and my Mom, I made an appointment this morning. For Wedneday. This upcoming Wednesday! And I got a little worried. Mostly because I haven't been to the dentist in three years. And I'm just worried that I have cavities. I don't think I will, but still... I can't help but think, is it better to know or not to know?

Moving along to more fun things, it's May! Where on earth did April go??? But I am just reminding myself -- I'm going on vacation this month. And in two months, I'll be on vacation for a week!! Wisconsin or bust, I tell ya. With lots of camping fun. And I get to meet the new doggy.

I got to play kickball for the first time on Saturday. I was a little nervous at first. You know, the whole "I haven't played sports in a long time and especially kickball." But it was actually really fun. And I wasn't terrible. I did, however, in the second game, fall spectacularly. It was not a slide, I tell you! So now I have scrapes on both knees, a huge bruise on my hip, and a little bruise on my shoulder. But it was really fun to play -- the people on our team (the "Fried Pickles") are really cool. And it was such a beautiful day outside. It was great to be outside doing something!


Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

What is it now with Baltimore youngsters and kickball??

/my ex plays in that league

Rebecca said...

It's so fun, kicking the big bouncy ball.

/Just out of curiousity, what team is she on? I'm guessing it's not mine, but you never Baltimore, it seems like everyone is just a connection away from knowing each other.

PJF said...

Only 3 three years? You can put off the dentist for another 10 I think.

Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

I honestly don't know what team she's on. I just know she moved to Canton and plays in that league like everyone else up there.