Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another busy day at work... But I am excited! I had a big to-do list for this week and I have just about everything crossed off of it -- and that happened early this morning!

Why do I have a big to-do list? Because Jenny arrived last night and I have most of next week off.

So what's planned for her first visit to Baltimore during the warmer months? Well, tomorrow we are planning to go out for dinner. Saturday will be a trip to D.C., followed by a friend's birthday party in the evening. Sunday we're going to church and probably Oregon Ridge to scope out the park before Trip and I host a Memorial Day picnic there. I think Monday will bring a trip up to PA for some outlet store shopping and hopefully I will find a dress for a wedding coming up in June. Tuesday and Wednesday are kind of open. Perhaps more shopping. I know we'll definitely go to Hampden to eat at Golden West and shop on the Avenue. But other than that, I'm planning on enjoying three days off in a row.

Oh, and I get to go to the last play of my subscription this year -- Golda's Balcony. Valerie Harper is in it and it's about Golda Meir (who, incidentally, is from Milwaukee, WI!). It should be fun. I'm mostly just looking forward to next season when all the shows will be AWESOME.

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Jenny Bean said...

Hey, you're getting lazy! Post something, already! :-)