Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sometimes I think back to high school. And I can't quite remember if I actually knew that I was lonely and slightly (well, maybe more than slightly) abnormal. Because I definitely know now that I didn't exactly have the typical high school experience -- well, I take that back. Alienation is a teenage rite of passage. I imagine everyone (yes, even the popular people who appeared to have everything) felt alienated in high school. I had friends, but I didn't do things with them outside of school. So when I was home over Christmas I looked at the journal that I kept during my junior year of high school.

And the answer is yes, I did realize that I was lonely. I guess I just blocked it out my head. I also realized that I was pining after a boy. A lot.

Well, enough thinking about the past.

I'm leaving for Boston today. I'm going to the Public Library Association conference. It looks like it's going to be really awesome. And I'm rooming with another younger librarian from the library in the Boston Park Plaza. I've got plans to meet up with Jenny tonight and then I'm going to stay with her on Saturday night! And there will be candlepin bowling. It's quite exciting. I've only been to Boston once before and it was for just a day.

So I should probably get dressed and get ready to go............... BOSTON! It's not quite sitting on a beach in a pink bikini drinking mai tais as the other Jenny wanted to do, but I think it's the closest that I will get to a spring break for some time.

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