Monday, March 13, 2006

I got a couple new toys this weekend! I got a brand-spankin' new cell phone. This is quite exciting because I (a) had had my old phone for around three years...maybe a little bit longer, (b) it was really heavy and I didn't like carrying it around, and (c) now I have a neat-o slider phone that can store multiple numbers under one name! Wee!

I also got a Zen Micro portable music player. Now I can be like all the cool kids and jam out to my music. Woo! Actually, it's been a bit of a pain to set up, but now I have finally reached the point of synching my music library with the new software that I have to use. So, hopefully (!), today, I shall have it all set up for fun and musical enjoyment!

This weekend was also Cupcake's birthday. She threw a party on Saturday night and it went over well. I got her The Film Snob's Dictionary, which seemed to be a good idea. Plus I took her out for bagels on Saturday morning. Can't go wrong with bagels!

Trip made her a really awesome present though -- a poster with the Kitty's ABCs. It was really cute and every one was really impressed by it. I think that's it. One more week of work and then I get to go to PLA and Boston!!!

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