Monday, March 06, 2006 sleepy today.

I stayed up last night to watch the Oscars with the girls. This marks the third Oscars that I have watched with Cupcake. Last night we had a bit of a party -- complete with games, although I didn't think to buy prizes! And there was lots of cheese and crackers, shrimp, M&Ms, and a cake that was fab. Yum!

But the Oscars. Eh. Not so exciting. I love Jon Stewart and I was a bit disappointed by his performance. I mean, it's probably not the best gig to have, but still... Well, at least his parodies of the Oscar campaign were funny. But the second time they brought it out -- for the sound editing category (?), I thought it was not-quite-so-funny-anymore. But I predicted Crash to win! Huzzah! And I loved Three 6 Mafia winning. Hilarious!

Otherwise, what happened this past weekend? Bowling with librarians -- always fun. And I got invited to a dinner party complete with lots of Indian food on Saturday night. It was good, except that one person talked a lot. And he isn't necessarily the most interesting person to listen to. I think it's just his tone that makes me want to say, DUDE, shut up! Oh well. The food rocked. And for dessert we had this delicious thing made out of carrots and A GALLON OF MILK. Yes, he condensed a whole gallon of milk to make this really awesome carmel-ly carrot and cardamon and raisins and pistachios thing. It was TASTY!

In work news, I've been stressing out about being in charge of our online learning project. Especially since it wasn't the committee that I volunteered for. But I talked to the Big Boss and while I am still on the committee, I am no longer in charge. Yay. My concerns are no longer so pressing.

Also, I got a big tax refund this year. I am finally going to set up an IRA (yes, I'm going to plan for my retirement!) after talking about doing that for THREE years. Three! But I've still got a little extra cash floating around. I was thinking of buying a couch, but I thought perhaps it might be better to wait until I move again. And have my own place with nice furniture and the like. So I was thinking about buying an MP3 player. I've heard good things about the Zen Micro. And of course, there is the ubiquitous iPod. But I think I'd want to get an iPod mini and they don't sell 'em any more. (And also in pink because pink is awesome.) I should probably just spend the money on a new stereo so I can listen to my CDs instead of another portable music device...but I want to be trendy too. I don't have a real cell phone, so I'd like to have something to flash about. Any thoughts as to what I should get???

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