Friday, February 03, 2006

I know I've been a big slacker McSlacky lately when it comes to updating the blog.

So here goes.

Nothing too exciting has happened. I got to go duckpin bowling last weekend, which is always fun. I pretty much suck at bowling, but somehow when you have tiny pins and tiny balls and three (yes, I said THREE!) chances to hit the pins, it's so much more fun.

I've been pretty much hooked on Project Runway, which is really fun. I really dislike Santino and wish he would go home -- or Nick, who is also annoying but slightly more entertaining. Jenny is the one who got me hooked on it, so I blame her. But it's fun on Wednesday nights. I go to Bible study with Trip and then we come home and watch Lost and Project Runway. Although Trip usually leaves midway through Project Runway because he has to sleep.

This weekend I do not have to work, which makes me quite happy. No big plans either, except hopefully seeing Walk the Line and maybe doing my taxes. I should also work on the baby quilt. It's been sitting in the corner of my room for far too long.

And I'm going to take a picture of my car to send to my dad. He's been requesting one for quite some time, so it's time that I finally do it.

I've started re-reading As Simple As Snow again and found some interesting links. I'm intrigued by the whole codes and radio broadcasting aspect of it -- something which came up in Lost last Wednesday. So I ended up looking at his webpage and found some interesting stuff about the Conet Project, a recording of the numbers stations that encompasses four CDs. Pretty interesting stuff, and my interest may have been picqued enough to consider buying them. Follow the link and read more, if you dare.

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Jenny Bean said...

Hey, McSlacky, what's up? Drop me a line sometime so we can catch up! Sounds like life is treating you well.