Saturday, January 14, 2006

My birthday is on Tuesday. So I'm having a party tonight. And part of me is thinking, why, oh why did I think that having a birthday party on a Saturday when I have to work would be a good idea? I'm hungry and tired and really want to go home and take a nappy. But I have to go get a cake and soda and decorations and decorate the apartment for the party. But I imagine people won't show up on time, except for Trip and Mike, so I can probably squeeze in a nap.

Seriously, I tried to get home before midnight last night -- I was at another birthday party, one that was way cooler than mine will be. This may also stem from the fact that the party was at a bar and featured people who enjoyed drinking and playing pool. Also, I beat Mike (!) at pool! Practically by myself! Because Trip, whom I intitially started playing with, deserted me for conversation so I said, heck, I'll just play Mike myself. And it worked. Huzzah.

But my party will be cool in an understated and casual hang-out way. I like my parties, otherwisee I wouldn't continue to have them. And while sometimes I wished my friends enjoyed drinking more so I wouldn't feel silly drinking, it's probably better for my liver. Yay for my liver.

And I got electronic catchphrase yesterday. What else is going to jazz up a party but fun, fun electronic group games!

I also joined Flickr with a professional membership. So look for links to fun things.

I am totally posting pictures of the party up there, so look for linkies to come.


And I get to have delicious bakery marble cake with FROSTING. I love frosting. It is my favorite part of a birthday party. And it's going to have yellow and pink flowers and pink writing that says "Happy Birthday Rebecca." Because I am totally a girl. Not kidding, the bakery order-taker-person said is this cake for a boy or a girl and I said it's for a girl. And then I told her to write on it Happy Birthday Rebecca and that it was a cake for me. Hee. I am a girl! And if I were little, I would've gotten a cool cartoon cake or something. But I like the flowers....frosting!!! Yummy.

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