Friday, January 13, 2006

Some bad news yesterday...

My parents called and left a message for me last night. And so I called them back, thinking that something was up, but not sure what. Daisy, the family dog, has not been doing well and she was going to be put down to sleep tomorrow (which was today).

It surprises me how sad I am about this because I knew it was coming. When I was home over Christmas, I knew she wasn't doing well. They don't make Depends for dogs.

But she's been one of the constants in my life for the past fourteen years and eight months. She was always there when I came home. I remember the night before I left for college, I was scared and worried and probably would've been even worse off had I not been able to just hold Daisy for ten minutes and not worry about school. I believe it's true what they say about dogs -- they can really help relieve stress. And now she won't be there any more.

I think the hardest part will be when I finally go back home in July. And Pookie won't be there to say hello.

Daisy, from Christmas 2004

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