Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy birthday to me!

Yes, today I'm 26. I'm no longer a quarter of a century. But that's okay...not like I could stop it, even if I wanted to.

So I took today off as a personal day. I feel like birthdays are not fun days to work on, even if it is cool to have people say happy birthday to you.

My plans for today include: hitting the post office for 39 cent stamps, dropping off a load full of clothes and crap at the Salvation Army (not crap literally, just miscellaneous stuff that I really, really don't need), and going grocery shopping. Yes, it's an exciting life I lead.

But first I'm going to watch back-to-back episode of King of the Hill on FX. I love King of the Hill. I know people think I'm silly for enjoying it, but it is seriously a fun TV show.

My party on Saturday went pretty well. Not a lot of people showed up, which was a bit disappointing, but those of us that were there had a good time. And we did play Catchphrase which was quite fun. I am looking forward to whipping it out when we have at least four people over from now on. I'll be all like, WE ARE PLAYING CATCHPHRASE NOW!!!

And I saw Capote yesterday. It was quite good. I am planning on reading In Cold Blood now.

Oh, and I have finished reading eight books this year. Yay. I think I may have included some of these already, but here's January thus far:

1. Lovehandles 1/5

Yes, it's a cheesy Avon romance book. And it's about a radio station, WLVH. I think I already talked about it, so let's just say it was delightfully cheesy.

2. Patti Lewis, Home Economist 1/5

Old '50s (?) young adult romance. It's a Young Moderns book. Quite entertaining and was a good set up for book 6 on my list.

3. Mystery at the Fair 1/6

Another old young adult book. Not the best one either, but entertaining enough.

4. The Tender Bar: A Memoir 1/9

A memoir of a son of a single-mother who was raised partially at a bar in Hassenback (?), NY on Long Island. Quite interesting book. The location of the book was also the inspiration for The Great Gatsby, and it made me decide to re-read it (which I finished this morning). It took me a little while to get into this one, but once I got started, it was a really good read. Its inclusion on many top 10 books of 2005 lists is not a fluke!

5. Dress Rehearsal 1/10

Chicklit novel which didn't have the typical ending.

6. Finding Betty Crocker: The Secret Life of America's First Lady of Food 1/12

Entertaining back story of Betty Crocker. I found it more interesting having recently read a book about a home economist -- a job which doesn't seem to be in as much use any more, but was back in the '50s.

7. Turning Thirty 1/16

A chicklit novel with a male character and written by a male author. Set in the UK, it was really good. And another non-typical ending. Good stuff!

8. The Great Gatsby 1/17

This is one of my favorite books. Fitzgerald just includes so many memorable descriptions in the book. I love the imagery of the two girls -- Jordan and Daisy -- just sitting on the couch in their white dresses with the skirts fluttering around them. And his last sentence in the book...spectacular...

So we beat on, boats against the current, born back ceaselessly into the past.

And while looking for the quote, I have found another book which sounds interesting from a Washington Post article. Look at Me. Perhaps it will be the next book on my list, after In Cold Blood. (Oooh, and having found the link on Amazon, it looks like she's a librarian. Definitely next on the list. Gosh, these are the advantages of working at a library.)


Rabbi Isaac Goldstein said...

Happy birthday, Rebecca! I was a little hurt that you did not invite me to your party. But it is not a big deal, because I could not have attended anyway.

jenny said...

Happy Birthday Rebbers, now post an update of your life after the party! Or take a picture of a cute pink softie that someone made you and post it here for all to see... hint hint hint!