Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Christmas was quite delightful. I caught a cold, which pretty much made me feel very sleepy while I was at home. But at least I got to sleep in a real bed and not really do a whole lot. We didn't go skiing, which meant that I didn't get to use my new-to-me ski pants (a gift from Jenny's boyfriend) but that I had fun sleeping in on Tuesday.

I got a digital camera for Christmas, which means that there should be lots and lots of pictures coming to a blog near you soon. YAY! I am going to document my life, or least try to do that until I get bored and tired of the stupid Kodak software. I love my Easyshare Camera, but I HATE the Easyshare software. I just want to be able to have Microsoft slideshows, not stupid Kodak slideshows!!

But nevertheless, I did manage to see a friend from high school. We went and saw King Kong, which was a very good movie but a little long. I also felt like telling Ann that she needed to stop encouraging Kong and he might not have gotten killed. I also really liked Adrien Brody's character. Ah, a brooding artist. Can't really go wrong.

So I'm back at work and today I'm playing catch up. It's really not too hard -- in fact, I appear to be caught up after just an hour of email and whatnot.

I read a totally AWSOME book while on holiday also. As Simple As Snow really, really rocked!! I think I may go to Barnes and Noble and buy a copy of it because I feel like it is a book that I can read a few more times. It also has some fun mix CD ideas in it. And you know how I love the mix CDs.

Speaking of mix CDs, I'm thinking of putting together a new one called The S Album which will feature music by bands whose names start with the letter "S." Why, you may ask. Well, it has often been my theory (along with the idea that most great bands have a really cute bass player -- just look at the Beatles -- Paul was totally cute.) that bands that start with the letter S are often very awesome. My theory does hold water -- just look at: the Stereophonics, Snowpatrol, Super Furry Animals, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Simon and Garfunkle, Spacehog, Sleater-Kinney, Superdrag, Supergrass, S Club 7, Steps, The Sea and Cake, Sloan, and more. Perhaps when I finally put it together I'll put the linear notes up here. But it is going to rock! On How I Met Your Mother, a seriously funny show featuring Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal (aka Nick from Freaks and Geeks), Barney (NPH) said something about how most people feel a mix CD should ebb and flow, but he prefers one that just rocks. That is how what The S Album is going to do. And it's going to start out with my favorite Sloan song -- "If It Feels Good Do It." Because that is a song for people who know what rock and roll is about.

Okay, I've wasted enough time for one morning.

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