Thursday, January 05, 2006

I know I've been a slacker with the whole year end round up, big book round up (a total of 106 books read this past year -- I'm going for 100 in 2006!), and resolutions for 2006.

Anyway, I think I can knock out the resolutions today. I don't have a ton -- most of them are probably cliches anyway.

1. Exercise regularly. I am such a slacker with exercising, so this is going to be hard. I am hoping to get into a routine, starting MONDAY, and keep it up for January and February. Three times a week for at least a half an hour. That's the goal.

2. Eat better. This might be as simple as eating more fruits and vegetables. And eating oatmeal for breakfast. I managed to lose weight this fall by just eating less (although some [unfortunately] came back over the Christmas holidays) and I hope that by adding exercise and trying to eat the recommended six or seven servings of fruits and vegetables, I can continue in that vein.

3. Read at least 100 books. That means I have to read 8.33 books each month. I managed to do that last year and I think I can do it again.

4. Make my bed every day. I have gotten into the habit in December and although I haven't been as good about it lately, I would like to have a made bed in 2006.

5. Make a budget and stick with it. I generally have an idea of what my budget is, but I feel like it's time to go through it again and update things. I've got a car payment now and student loans and everything, so it's time to rethink the money situation.

So, that's pretty much it. I think most of these are do-able. Oh! And there's one more:

6. Upload at least one picture to the blog each week from my new digital camera. I really want to document my life, or at least put pictures up. So, that would also mean that I need to update this once a week.

I suppose I can also hit up the 2005 round up. Here's some fun. Please follow suit if you would like to. Hee!

I got this from Damn Hell Ass Kings (a wicked awesome portal) and Dancing Brave.

1) Was 2005 a good year for you?

2) What was your favorite moment of the year?
In retrospect, this is definitely my favorite moment, although at the time, I just felt awkward. When Trip asked "So, what are we doing here?" That was the start of something great.

3) What was your least favorite moment of the year?
Being stressed, stressed, stressed about starting a new job.

4) Where were you when 2005 began?
Eau Claire, WI.

5) Who were you with?
Jenny and Adam.

6) Where [were you] when 2005 [ended]?
Trip's apartment.

7) Who were you with when 2005 ended?
Trip, Mike, Cupcake, Abby, Lily, Jenn, Tamara, and Adam. But not Jenny's Adam.

8) Did you keep your New Year's resolution of 2005?
Hmm...I don't think I did resolutions last year. I'm sure it was along the lines of exercise and eating better, and so I guess I ate a little better but I definitely didn't exercise. So, probably not.

9) Do you have a New Year's resolution for 2006?
Yup. See above, please.

10) Did you fall in love in 2005?

11) If yes, with whom?

12) If yes, do they know?

13) Are you still in love with them?

14) Do you regret it?

15) Did you breakup with anyone in 2005?

16) Did you make any new friends in 2005?

17) Who are your favorite new friends?
Hmmm...I don't like to play favorites, but I do really like Trip's friends and the new librarians I've met at work. They rock!

18) What was your favorite month of 2005?
I don't know. November was pretty good. And January was nice because I wrapped things up on my old job and my sister visited and I had a big ole birthday party and I love winter. Plus we got out of work early one afternoon, even if I did have to use my own time.

19) Did you travel outside of the US in 2005?
Not even to Canada! This should change in 2006.

20) How many different states did you travel to in 2005?

Hmmm... Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Delaware, Washington D.C., New York, Virginia, New Jersey...and I think that's it. I only went through New Jersey, but I was there!

21) Did you lose anybody close to you in 2005?

22) Did you miss anybody in the past year? college friends that I haven't really seen since last year... My family, as always.

23) What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2005?
I did really like Wallace and Gromit. Off the top of my head, I would say Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was really good. But as for indie films, I did really like Junebug. And Sullivan's Travels was my favorite revival that I saw in the theater.

24) What was your favorite song from 2005?
"Best of You" by the Foo Fighters. Mostly because I can't think of anything else. There was a Bright Eyes song that I really liked too... And because of the Internet, I can look up the lyrics.

The song is "The First Day of My Life" and the lyrics that I like are:

"You said everything changed
You felt as if you'd just woke up
And you said,
This is the first day of my life,
I'm glad I didn't die before I met you
But now I don't care I could go anywhere with you
And I'd probably be happy."

That's a quality song. Not quite so rockin', but it makes me alternately happy and sad.

25) What was your favorite record from 2005?
The mix CDs that I got from Trip. No, I won't be that cheesy.

I really like Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple. It's AWESOME and I can fall asleep listening to it. And the first disc of In Your Honor by the Foo Fighters is pretty awesome too, but I never really listened to the mellow disc. And I do totally love the Super Furry Animals Songbook, but that's more like a greatest hits CD and I'm not even sure that it came out this year. But my favorite CD at the end of the year (although it came out in 2003, but it was new to me!) was Final Straw by Snow Patrol! They are wicked cool.

26) Did you see any concerts this year?
Yup. The HFSfestival was awesome. And I saw the Skakabobs. And I think that was probably it. Well, I did go to a classical concert at the Kennedy Center.

27) Did you have a favorite concert in 2005?
Definitely the Skakabobs.

28) Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2005?
I never drink that much. I think I only overdrank a few times in 2005.

29) Did you do a lot of drugs in 2005?
Not even prescription drugs!

30) Did you hope for something you didn't get in 2005?
I'm sure I did, but I can't think of it right now. Peace of mind?

Oh, I remember. I secretly liked someone and nothing ever happened. But honestly, I have to say that I am better off for not having gotten that person.

31) Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
I'm sure I did. Nothing that sticks out horribly. Probably drinking alone because of a secret crush. That's always a sad thing.

32) What was the biggest lie you told in 2005?
Yes, that looks great on you. I don't know. I try not to lie.

33) What was the worst lie someone told you?
I love what you're wearing. Honestly, I don't know. I must have good liars as friends. Ha!

34) Did you treat somebody badly in 2005?
I'm sure I did. When I'm cranky, I can definitely snap on people. Probably my family when they were visiting.

35) Did somebody treat you badly in 2005?
Badly might be the wrong word for it, but I feel like there has been a shift in at least one relationship lately. I can't say that I'm totally blameless, but I wish that it was a little different.

36) How much money did you spend in 2005?
About the same as usual. No big vacations. But Wait! I bought a CAR! So, yes, more money than I had really.

37) What was your proudest moment of 2005?
Everything going really well at Trip's Thanksgiving family reunion. It was just so great to be able to be comfortable with them and it was just great.

Professionally, it was doing my first public program and having it go really well. Plus I did a program that counted as countinuing education credits for other librarians here in Maryland. Me, teaching people stuff! It's insane.

38) What was your most embarrassing moment of 2005?
Probably the fact that I fell down when I was exercising and really scraped my arm up. Because I just fell down on the street -- no obstacle to blame! "How did you hurt yourself? " Oh, I just fell down. LAME!

39) If you could go back in time to any moment of 2005 and change something, what would it be?
I think there are probably things that I should change, but things have worked out for me. I wouldn't want to change things because what if it changed everything else. The whole butterfly effect. (And no, I'm not referring to the stupid Ashton Kutcher movie.)

40) What are your plans for 2006?
Balancing everything. Trip, work, friends,'s all a bit of a juggling act and I know I'm not doing a super good job with things. Everything is important to me, and I guess I just need to learn that I can't be everything to everyone. And I don't want to either.

I also am going to take Trip camping with the family in July in WISCONSIN (!!) so I am so looking forward to that.

And I'm hoping to go to PLA in Boston in March. Woo!

I want to get back up to NYC with Cupcake and see The Pajama Game (hopefully!).

I also want to go to a few more concerts.

I'd like to get out of the country this year, even if it means going to Canada, to use my passport before it expires.

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