Thursday, December 22, 2005

A converation from yesterday which illustrates how nerdy librarians are. The setting is the end of the web redesign meeting. Go!

Me: I really like the fact that the new website uses Ariel as the font.
Webmaster: Yeah, it's a nice change from Times New Roman.
Me: I just like the fact that you can put it in 10-point font and it's still readable.
Webmaster: Actually, graphic designer, didn't you use Verdana for the site?
Graphic Designer: No, it's all in Ariel. I think Verdana is the second or third option.
Webmaster: You see, Verdana was created for the web. I should have Graphic Designer put a paragraph of text up in Ariel and Verdana so you can see the contrast. It's awesome.
Me: Neat.

I believe there was also some mention of sans-serif fonts and Helvetica too, but I couldn't remember the exact context.

I am leaving soon!! Yay!

I am also 99% done with things that needed to be done today. I am also not going to be back to the library again until the 31st, which is awesome. I'm going to just put stuff off until the next year.

Last night Trip and I exchanged presents. My gifts went over well (yay for me) and most of the ones he got me were good. But he also got me a watch that I thought was a little too when I get back, we're going to go return it. And perhaps I can be more obvious about things I like. I never thought I was hard to shop for, but perhaps I am. It's always hard when you are getting to know someone and want to get them something really, really awesome, but honestly, you don't really know them well enough to get something awesome. But the sweater I got him was a little small, especially due to the fact that it will probably shrink. Darn 100% cotton!

I feel like I should think over the past year and do a big recap or at least a roundup of big events before 2005 ends. This has been an eventful year for me -- new job, new car, and boyfriend (!), just to name a few.

I also am planning on doing a big book round up. I'm bringing five books home with me to read whilst on vacation and hopefully I'll manage to finish them all. I've already done over 100 books so far this year -- I was hoping to do 120, but that seems a bit excessive. Perhaps next year.

So, I'll be back to Maryland on the 29th, so I should be able to spend the 30th just unpacking and ruminating on the past year. Or at least that's what I'd like to do right now. But who knows? Perhaps I'll get a digital camera for Christmas and I'll spend all day Friday uploading nifty new pictures. I hope so! Because if I get a digital camera, I am totally documenting my life. There will be lots of pictures! And that includes cat pictures!!!

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