Tuesday, December 20, 2005

If I wrote titles to my entries, this one would be called Whiney Post.

Whining commencing!

Today was not a bad day. We had our department holiday feast, which involved lots of delicious food and me not having to bring in a lunch. I also brought in apple cider, which was delicious, and cocktail wieners, which were also delicious.

But my hand hurts from too much knitting.

And I had a conversation last night that just left me feeling like my emotions were too close to the surface for most of this morning.

I also went to bed late, due to the urge to finish knitting a scarf (which I did do), and then woke up early this morning. I don’t know why. It’s probably due to the mystery conversation. I mean, there was resolution, but I’m still thinking about it. I hate dwelling, but apparently, I’m really good at it. Not something to be proud of.

And work is just busy. I have to write a guide on how to get a job before I leave on Thursday and it just seems so daunting. I’ve known about writing this darn guide since June and it’s going to be a last minute thing, like always. But I’m almost half-way done. Right now I’m working on the “Job Search” section, in which I need to talk about how to network. Good times.

But I’m going to try to ignore all this stuff this evening and focus on the fact that I’m going home on Thursday night. I will be in Wisconsin for a whole week and I’m going to have fun with my family. There will be a trip to the mall, a skiing adventure, and an excursion to see my cousin, his wife, his son whom I’ve never met, and my aunt and uncle. Plus I get to eat delicious food like pasties and manicotti and turkey. And take back with me lots of presents! (Or at least I hope so!)

I’m going to finish packing tonight because I think I’m going to be too busy on Wednesday to really focus on any details.

But tonight I will not dwell!!

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