Monday, October 17, 2005

Soooo tired tonight.

This weekend was good. The kids were great, for the most part, and I just really like getting to know them more as people and less as a big class. I also got to go canoeing on Saturday afternoon, which is always a highlight for me. Leading the small groups went well, except for the one kid who would just not shut up.

And now I'm at work, trying to waste away the last twenty minutes so that I can go home and run to the grocery store. It's been a long (and somewhat productive day.)

News on the car front: I am leaning towards either getting (a) a Certified used Civic or (b) a new car. Yes, you heard me right, a new car! It looks like buying a new Mazda3 or perhaps a Hyundai Elantra might not be a bad idea. They are also not out of my price range. So, who knows? I think a used Civic would definitely be awesome, but there is no way I can afford an '06 Civic. Plus they are pretty weird looking. And $2K out of the top of my price range. Plus, due to the fact that they are really popular, they don't have to discount them to sell 'em. new Honda for me. Oh well, I'll find something. So far I have found the Civic to be my favorite out of the three that I've tried -- the Toyota Corolla, the Ford Focus, and the Civic. More test driving tomorrow -- I'm hitting a Mazda dealership! So, wish me luck.

So that's pretty much what's been happening down on the ranch. I'm just super tired tonight...and I've got an interviewing program tomorrow that I should be preparing for, I'll manage.

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Jenny Bean said...

A new car! Well, aren't we fancy? How fun it must be, but stressful at the same time, I'm sure. Good luck with the car.