Thursday, October 13, 2005

It seems like so long since I last posted, but it hasn't been forever. But so much has happened.

Starting at the beginning, I got into a fender-bender last Wednesday. Right on my way to work. It was not the most enjoyable experience, although I am proud to say that I held it together until after getting out of the car and talking to the gentleman that I rear ended. So that was Wednesday.

Friday I brought my car in to get the damage estimated and, as I was hoping it would not, it is considered totalled. Not so good. Basically, it makes more sense for me to get a new car than spend a ton of money to get my crappy Neon fixed. So I've been car shopping.

The downside to all of this: I have no weekends free. I am gone this weekend, chaperoning a Confirmation retreat, and next weekend I was supposed to go to NYC and see "The 22nd Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." Was is the key word in that sentence -- I can't go any more.

But I'm working on getting some car shopping done in the evening and mornings when I am free -- I've driven a couple of Toyota Corollas. I'm looking at: a Corolla, a Honda Civic, a Mazda 3 or Protege, or maybe a Ford Focus. Maybe. I'm thinking it'll probably end up being a Civic or a Corolla, mostly because I can afford them and they're not too expensive used. It's all about the reliability and affordability factor.

That's pretty much been the big focus for me lately.

Last weekend was really awesome though. I got to see Junior every night last week -- saw Corpse Bride with his roommate on Friday night, went to the ska show on Saturday night, and went to church and his other Bible study on Sunday night. As my friend Lily says, we go on wholesome dates. Hee.

But this upcoming weekend will not be spent with him -- I'll be hanging with a bunch of middle schoolers. But I'm sure it'll be fun -- I'll get to go canoeing!!

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Anonymous said...

You know you want an Mazda RX-8 instead.