Sunday, October 02, 2005

It's Sunday afternoon already. And what a weekend I have had!

Friday night started out good with dinner at an awesome Greek restaraunt with Cupcake and Lily to celebrate Lily's one year anniversary of hanging out with us. Delcious calamari, cheese pie, fried cheese (although not quite the same as the cheese I had at the Greek Festival in Worcester -- nothing will ever match the deliciousness of that fried hard cheese), gyro, and a delicious dessert pronounced like "galacto-booty-co." Let me tell you, it was delicious.

And then Saturday Junior and I headed off to our nation's capital for a day of fun. And it was really quite fun -- we went to two Smithsonian Museums (Natural History and Air and Space), caught an IMAX 3-D movie narrated by Tom Hanks, saw the WWII, Lincoln, and Vietnam War Memorials, caught some jazz at the DC Jazz Festival, and had pancakes at IHOP on our way home. All in all, a full day. And we also stayed up really late watching SNL, which was fairly funny. I love Steve Carrell, and it seems like they didn't necessarily use him the most effectively way possible, but still...I also enjoy Kanye West. "Golddigger" just keeps getting in my head. It is quite catchy. It was really quite a perfect day.

Today I went to church with Junior and we got Chipotle for dinner and I've got the afternoon to do nothing. I should work on my quilt, but I think I'm going to watch Everwood first. And then tonight I'm going to Wegmen's, which is a new grocery story here. Apparently, it is beyond all expectations and I will love it. I'm rather skeptical, but that's just me. Who knows? Maybe it will just be that awesome.

So, in essence, it's been a really busy weekend. But it is just pretty much starting out what is going to be an insanely busy month with work and non-work things.

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