Friday, September 30, 2005

I've also hit 300 posts! It hasn't even been two years here at Blogger, and I've managed to write over 150 each year! That's not too bad, if I don't say so myself. And I do mean to post more often -- it's just difficult with work and everything else going on.

So it's Friday and I'm up early. But I'm taking my car in today to get the oil changed and the brakes looked at, so I need to leave a little earlier than normal. I hope that nothing is terribly wrong with it. Cars are just so expensive to take care of. I wish I didn't have to have one, but that is not really an option here. Especially because I live out in the suburbs.

What's up for the weekend? Well, I'm having an anniversary girl's night with Cupcake and Lily -- one year ago this weekend is when we made friends with Lily and I thought it would be cool to celebrate that fact. And Saturday Junior and I are heading to D.C. I don't even know if anything is going on there, but it should be fun to walk around and go to some of the Smithsonian museums and whatnot.

This weekend is really the only weekend in October that I have totally free -- I either have to work or will be gone for the weekend for the rest of them! Yes, I am just that popular. But it's kind of stressful in a way -- I've got lots of library programming to do and work related stuff on top of all the non-work (and way more fun stuff). Yargh. Worst of all, I have to put together an outline for Confirmation for November, December and January. At least we're on vacation for quite a few days during those months....

Oh! I bought my flight home to Wisconsin for Christmas. I'll be back in the Midwest for around a week -- December 22 through the 29. I'm actually looking forward to being in Maryland for New Year's. Not that I imagine I will do anything spectacular, but still, last New Year's wasn't stunning. (Although it was quite fun to hang out with Adam and Jenny and watch Kill Bill 2 and Napoleon Dynamite, even if I didn't really like Napoleon Dynamite at that moment. It became much funnier in retrospect.)

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