Monday, October 03, 2005

Have you ever had the dream of cataloging your home library? Well, I don't know that I really have either, but Librarything makes it possible to catalog your library and put it online. The fact that I am actually thinking about doing it is kind of weird, but still. I am a nerdy librarian. Nerdy ha-ha to be specific. And it's only $10. Pretty dang cheap.

Right, so, it's six-thirtyish and I am taking a break at work. The downside to working nights is that I am generally pretty out of it after six pm. But I think I'm ready for the big program tomorrow night, and if not, I'll deal. I have things to do -- mostly because the Professor has called in sick on Thursday, Friday and today. (Despite the fact that he went out of town this past weekend. It's like, dude, if I have to do extra work because you're calling in sick, I want you to stay home over the weekend and not have fun. Seriously. No fun!!!) So, that's been fun.

I also have seven stylish mustaches. I was going to give them to Boyfriend Librarian, but he had already picked up a pack at Target (and he actually had them with him -- scary!) . So I have seven mustaches that I could wear for Halloween. Or I might bring them to Bible study on Wednesday night because there was a conversation about my fake mustaches and how I could wear one as a disguise when I was stealing someone's TV. It's probably a conversation that is much funnier if only you were there. Apparently I could be a cat burgular. I never thought so myself, but who knows?

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jenny said...

I've one upped you, I've got a software program now called Endnote which is essentially this Library thing, except it's for papers and bibliographic information. You type in the sources you are using, or upload them from the library website, or amazon or someplace, and then when you want to make the paper bibliography you just click some buttons and then it makes it in any format that you want. You can even use it for pictures and captions and everything.