Monday, September 19, 2005


Today is my day off this week. And I am very tired. I have been consistently waking up at 6 am and I don't fall back asleep! It's frustrating and I have been napping more than I would like to (despite the fact that I think naps are awesome...they perhaps shouldn't be an everyday thing).

So, yesterday I went to five o'clock church to meet up with California Girl and get dinner afterwards. I did mention to Junior that I was going to five o'clock church, but I didn't expect him to actually be back by then. Well, I got to church and no one else was there -- but then Junior showed up, followed by California Girl. So church was good -- I do remember something from the sermon! The question was: What do you like about Jesus? And that's a tough question to come up with an answer to, but I think I thought that I liked the way that he told stories/parables and also that he didn't descriminate about people. But California Girl's boyfriend (who did not come to church) called her like five times during church (which, also, I might say, is only an hour/hour and fifteen-ish) and she ended up having to go meet up with him for dinner. I will probably get the inside info on what's going on with her later.

After saying goodbye to California Girl, I was just standing around with Junior and talking with the LVC volunteers. They seem quite nice and definitely more likeable than the one that annoyed me last year. I hope so, anyway, because they do seem to enjoy going to my church. Probably because we (a) have a young adult group and (b) have a contemporary worship service. Oh, plus (c) we're on a bus route and (d) we offer them rides home.

I ended up going to the drive-in with Junior and his roommate and meeting up with Junior's other church young adults group. It was actually a really good time and I got to see 40 Year Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers (again.) But they were all good and it was kind of nice to meet some other people -- they were really normal. Not that I wasn't expecting them to be normal, but it was weird when I met Junior's co-workers at the restaraunt. Or maybe I'm just more adjusted to meeting people...or I already knew that he had talked to them about me. The double-feature ran until about 12 midnight and I didn't get home until 12:30 am. [

And today I have been somewhat of a slacker. I have been working on the quilt a little, but I have to tear out some seams -- wrinkles on the back that I totally missed!!!! -- and it's time consuming work. Plus I had to go to the grocery store and Target. And I needed a nap.

But on Saturday Formerly Cute Church Guy (he's still cute, but I have a cuter church guy now. Hee!) is having a dinner and bowling farewell party before he leaves for Michigan. And I haven't talked to him since like JANUARY, which is insane. So, yeah, I already have plans for both Saturday and Sunday night. Madness. I totally have a social life now!

Right, so, I should get back to work. The darn quilt won't quilt itself, much as I wish it would.

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Jenny Bean said...

Relax, Rebes. It sounds to me like you have it pretty good. Although it probably is good to question and examine your life, enjoy it! :-)