Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I should be going to bed right now. I've got to be up super early in order to make it to D.C. in time for a training. And by super early, I mean that I have to leave the house at 7 am to pick up NY Librarian. So, it's not that early, but still!

Right, so, things are going well. It's Tuesday. And I have nothing to complain about right now. NOTHING!

So, let's talk TV. So far, I've started watching Gilmore Girls again, mostly to see what happens between Rory and Lorelei (or however you spell her name). And Lorelei and Luke! How cute!! Seriously, I am such a sucker for a cheesy romance. And yesterday I caught the season premiere of Arrested Development which is seriously got to be the funniest show on television. FUNNY with the caplock key down!! I mean, there are so many plot twists and everything -- it's insanely awesome. I love Jason Bateman and I love George Michael because he is so adorable and Will Arnett is just so clueless it is freakin' hilarious. Love it! So I caught Kitchen Confidential afterwards and it was okay. I do enjoy Bradley Cooper, but the show was more like, eh? I mean, I'd watch it, but it's totally not a show I would tape. And tonight I caught My Name is Earl. Pretty funny, mostly because of the totally awesome Jason Lee. He even rocks the bad hair and mustache. I think I will give it a few more episodes, but it's better than anything else on at nine pm.

So...that's it. I love Arrested Development and am kind of sad that I will be (hopefully!) working Monday nights and will need to tape it. But I watched last night's episode again tonight with my roommate and I still laughed. It is definitely a show that can be watched over and over again.

And speaking of shows that need to be watched over and over, I think I'm going to convince Junior to watch Freaks and Geeks with me. Because it's a hilarious show and I would like to watch it again.

Yeah, so I should be getting to bed. Gotta get up nice and early to catch that train!

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