Sunday, August 07, 2005

So this afternoon I was going to write up all the books that I've read in the last two month-ish, but I got kind of busy with other things -- grocery shopping and cleaning and all the boring weekend detail-y type stuff. Plus it was Judy Garland day on TCM's "Summer Under the Stars" and I had to watch her and Van Johnson in In the Good Old Summertime.

I'm going to get a little meta right now -- I was looking at my referrer logs this afternoon and I noticed a link from Technocrati (it's the search engine that searches blogs) and found there were a couple of blogs linked to mine. I was familiar with most of them -- Meowspot and my other project, but one was from a complete stranger. And what she said was kind of intersting and somewhat enlightening because it was from someone who doesn't know me. The best part was a compliment about my "creativeness" -- "she doesn't see a library like a library, she sees it as a sitcom, and it's cool to see things unlike everyone else."

I don't know if that is necessarily true, but it was kind of cool to see that someone else thinks I'm creative. (And also a little psycho about work....but y'know, things have gotten better in the last six months.) Anyway! I have hit the six month point in my new job. I get to meet with the Professor this upcoming week to discuss my upcoming evaluation. So that should be fun.

I also met with the big boss at work last Wednesday and outlined my plans for my area of the library for the current fiscal year. He seemed pretty impressed that I had come up with a plan and we got to talk about stuff. It actually went a lot better than I had expected -- I was soooo nervous before I went up to his office. I guess it'll get better with time, but I can't help but be a little nervous about talking with him. So, I think things shall get better in the fall when I have a ton of programming and prep to do. Summer is just kind of boring all over.

Also, I got the new(ish) Edy's Slow-Churned Lower-Fat Fairly-Healthy Ice Cream and it totally kicks! It doesn't taste like low-fat ice cream and I love the chocolate chip stuff. Totally recommended, although it's a little pricey at full-price. I got it on sale, obviously.

One other thing and I'm done for the night. I'm thinking about getting a T-shirt from Neighborhoodies but I don't know what to get printed on the shirt. You can get 14 letters for free, so I'm up for any suggestions. After dog-sitting last weekend I thought Roger That might be kind of fun (the dog's name was Roger -- soooo cute and Toto-esque [the dog from The Wizard of Oz, not the band]) but I'm looking for any suggestions. Use the comments, please.

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