Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yesterday I had a little embarassing moment -- it turns out that my favorite linen skirt had some holes in the back. Noticable holes, I might add. And I didn't actually find out about them until a couple hours after I got there. But some scotch tape and an emergency sewing kit allowed me to repair it, although definitely not unobtrusively. I was really more mad that my favorite summer skirt was ripped beyond repair -- I had just gotten it this spring and now it's gone! So sad.

Hmmm...now that I can write every day, am I forgetting how to do this again? Or I could just fall on the stupid excuse that it's summer and I have a hard time thinking, but that's pretty lame.

Well, the weather is always a good topic. The weather has been really crappy lately -- warm and rainy and gloomy. Today is definitely a pants day. Pants and sandals.

Oh! I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier. I found out yesterday that Peter Jennings had died. He was my favorite news anchor and the main reason I watched network news. Peter had been my main source of news during 9/11 because he seemed just so together and yet not at the same time. How I would have liked to have been had I been a network news anchor at that time instead of being in college in Wisconsin. But I had been a fan of Peter's from further back than that -- despite writing a story in third grade where Tom Brokaw showed up as married to Vannah White -- and I had enjoyed watching him talk about the news for years. Plus his trips around the U.S. made it seem that he cared about more than just the coasts -- he was willing and interested in learning about middle America. I was living in Milwaukee when he did a broadcast from the Riverwalk, and it was pretty cool. I didn't actually get to see him, but I watched it on the news and it just made me happy. It just won't be the same without him -- now there will be some other youngish plastic-y anchor in the vein of Brian Williams on ABC and it just won't draw me in.

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